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  MSNBC    Way Too Early    Daily news from sports to politics and  
   pop culture, with host Thomas Roberts.  

    March 5, 2014
    2:30 - 3:01am PST  

will secretary kerry's visit help? and hillary clinton goes after putin with a nazi germany comparison. does that enhance her poll numbers? and john travolta's mea culpa. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it's wednesday, march 5th. welcome to "way too early," trying to limit its flubs to one syllable. it depends on where you put the emphasis on the syllable. meeting with his russian counterpart to talk through mounting tensions through ukraine. secretary kerry visited kiev, bringing with him prayers for slain protesters and $1 billion aid package, paid tribute to the
fallen on the street. claiming no russian soldiers were occupying crimea. >> he denied that there were any russian troops in crimea, occupying crimea. >> he really denied there were troops in crimea? >> yes, he did. >> i think that it is clear that russia has been working hard to create a pretext for being able to invade further. >> trying to give putin room to save face and back off. >> there is a strong belief that russia's action is violating international law. president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations, but i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> so, in crimea, there was a tense moment between ukrainian and russian troops. take a look at this. ♪
>> about 200 ukrainian unarmed personnel tried to enter their air base, singing the national anthem and carrying flags. troops guarding that base. seven hours later just 12 were allowed through to their posts. nbc news foreign correspondent, jim maceda is live for us now in moscow. let's look ahead to secretary kerry's meeting in paris. any hope of progress or is this just more posturing from both sides? >> reporter: hi, thomas. well, i think you can feel a sea of change in the past 24 hours. you cited some of putin's comments yesterday. some of them troubling, no doubt. he also said he saw no need for use of force in ukraine and had no desire to annex the crimea peninsula, really allowing that cold war style military confrontation that we've been reporting on to take a step back
from the brink. we've seen that in the reaction of the world stock markets already. and even though rhymea remaicri very tense on the ground, those pictures prove that, even a report of russians seizing two more crimean anti-missile posts, the perception is that ukraine is spinning not toward war but some kind of diplomatic solution. secretary of state meeting with count counterpart sergey lavrov. this is the first time since the current crisis escalated that they've had a face-to-face to talk exit strategy. the ukrainian and russian governments meeting for the very first time, talking on a cabinet level today. and russian defense official is discussing ukraine later today at nato in brussels. so, there is definitely a change. whether this change is sustained is another question. back to you be. >> on the international stage
the only reality that putin seems to be willing to acquiesce to is the economic reality of what this is doing in russia to their market. what's putin's next move? >> reporter: well, you're right. putin -- if there's one man who could make or break a deal, it's vladimir putin and it's obviously unclear what his next move is. washington and berlin are pushing this idea of sending international observers to monitor any rights abuses against russians or pro-russians on crimea, allowing hopefully some kind of pullback by those russian forces or pro-russian forces. but will putin let them in even? we don't know that. now that putin controls crimea, thomas, some analysts are telling moscow that he will probably try to make that the new status quo, a kind of permanent reminder to everyone that whatever the future of ukraine is, it's going to have to pass through him. thomas? >> nbc's jim maceda, thank you
so much. >> reportedly speaking out on the crisis in ukraine for the first time. buzz feed reporting clinton was asked about the situation in a fund-raiser. she, quote, compared issuing russian passports to ukrainians with ties to russia with early actions by nazi germany. she said, however, that while that makes people nervous, there is no indication that putin is as irrational as the instigator of world war ii. another source telling buzz feed that what putin is doing now is similar to hitler did, and that it was destabilizing. two people who attended the clinton fund-raiser in california. finding that the hillary clinton image is softening and has done so in recent years and may be in a stronger position to run for president come 2016 than she was in '08. according to the new poll, 51%
of americans say they would like to see clinton run for president again. 43% would not. 69% describe her as tough. 56% say she is honest. and 49% say she has new ideas. a majority of voters, 57% disagree with the notion that the former first lady is hard to like. clinton's role as secretary of state is viewed as her largest asset while the benghazi consulate incident is the most negative of that along with her husband's affair. cnbc headquarters, courtney reagan. good morning. >> good morning. following tuesday's big rally, in sharp contrast to what we saw the day before. investors have been able to put aside their fear force ukraine at least for a day.
tuesday was the best day for the dow, s&p, in fact. nasdaq hit a 14-year high. look for data on private sector job growth and the nation's services sector. facebook may be getting into the drone business. cnbc has learned that the company is in talks to buy titan aerospace, which makes solar powered drones. both facebook and titan wouldn't comment. ceo mark zuckerberg's project that aims to connect the 5 billion people who are not already online. the drones can reportedly stay in the air for as long as five years. >> wow, that would be a fascinating matchup. also this has my attention. favorite new york city restaurant, restaurant anywhere, chipotle and guacamole. >> guacamole prices are on the rise. burrito, you could say, may be naked without guac. it could happen at chipotle
restaurants. it could suspend sales of guac and some salsas do to higher food cost thanks to bad weather and drought. it does acknowledge that it could affect sales and have a negative impact on its brand. i understand the concern. >> i like the restaurant so much i would be willing to go there still without it. honestly, i eat there way too much. courtney, great to see you. >> thomas, thanks. holds off challenges from the tea party, republican senator jon cornyn easily defeated a host of challengers. despite claims the senate minority whip isn't conservative enough. veteran congressman pete sessions was victorious against katrina pierson. pierson had the support of the national tea party groups and sarah palin. the future of the oldest member of congress is up in the air, though. republican congressman ralph hall failed to get a majority in
this primary. the 90-year-old lawmaker will face a may runoff against former u.s. attorney john radcliff. and there may be soon a new member of the bush political dynasty. george p. bush won for texas land commissioner, son of former florida governor jeb bush and the nephew of former president george w. bush. president obama's budget on its way to congress. expected to meet option on the right. address income inequality and further reduce the national deficit. the president's sixth budget will also provide more resources and money toward climate change initiatives and regulating wall street. >> our budget is about choices. it's about our values. as a country we've got to make a decision if we're going to protect tax breaks for the wealthiest americans or make smart investments necessary to create jobs and grow our economy and expand opportunity for every american. >> john boehner calls the president's budget his most
irresponsible budget yet. while paul ryan gets on the record saying, quote, this budget isn't a serious document. it's a campaign brochure. over marriage equality, governor steve basheer plans to hire outside counsel. hours earlier, it was an emotional attorney general, jack conway, refusing. he said the appeal this ruling would just be defending discrimination. >> in the end, this issue is really larger than any single person. it's about placing people over politics. for those who disagree, i can only say that i'm doing what i think is right. in the final analysis i had to make a decision i could be proud of. for me now and for my daughter's judgment in the future. >> governor beshear said in a
statement that legal definition of marriage, quote, will be and should be ultimately decided by the u.s. supreme court in order to bring finality and certainty to this matter. so, today is day three of the oscar pistorius murder trial in south africa. the man known as blade runner arrived at court a short time ago. the husband and wife who lived near pistorius said they heard a series of screams and gunshots the night that reeva steenkamp was murdered. yesterday was a rough day for pistorius as he heard graphic details about how his girlfriend was killed. he covered his ears as the autopsy reports of steenkamp was read allowed. in the head, arm and hip. pistorius says it was an accident and that he thought she was a burglar. we'll lighten things up with our twitter question for today. it's all about brett farve and the new look he is sporting. the beard and the new and improved physique. good excuse for a captioning
contest today. use the #waytooearly. your best answers about the 44-year-old grandpa coming up later in the show. after his 61-point performance on monday, the king had a chance to play hero once again. get this, real trouble for two of the stars of the real house wives of new jersey. the serious charges they pled guilty to. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. john belushi died today at 33 years old, best known for "animal house" the film and his years on the television program "saturday night live." he died in a bungalow at the monmouth hotel in hollywood. captain obvious: i'm in a hotel.
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okay. here we go. time for sports. heat hosting the rockets, lebron james has a chance to be a hero with miami trailing by three in the game's final seconds. look at this. >> lebron, trying to get three. it's dwight and lebron. the mask marvel and superman. and superman wins the battle. >> that will be the game-tying three pointer. rockets win it 106-103. to indianapolis now. time running out. golden state's clay thompson hits the clutch, giving the warriors a lead with less than a second remaining. last chance for houston. paul george has a look for three. it's off the rim. golden state hangs in. 96-98 win. referees have to deal with workplace hazards. avalanche/blackhawks game, stray fist lands -- sending him on the
ice. the accidental blow didn't do much damage. the ref popped right back up, put an end to the sparring. avalanche get the win 4-2. this next clip comes to us from a soccer match between real madrid and at letio madrid. he ended up scoring a late goal for a 2-2 draw. psych. psych. let's get a check -- >> you can't do that to ronald. >> no, you can't. >> the god of soccer. >> that kid has a grievance. >> he will be a hero to the local fans. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> we're quiet finally. no big storms coming. it's just a slow, painful snow melt. it won't be fast. yesterday 54% of the lower 48
covered in snow. we added to the ice pack in the great lakes. remember, the peak ever -- we've been keeping track of this over the last 30 years, was 90%. we were at 91%. we're probably not going to break the record. the fact that we have that much ice this late in the year is ridiculous. light snow for you at 19 degrees, chicago. light, powdery snow. one to two inches for your morning commute, making it slippe slippery. still plenty cold in new england with caribou at minus 13. airports should be okay, thomas. it's still chilly. yesterday was horrible in new orleans. 40 and rainy. today at least will be 58 and some showers. it was a cold fat tuesday down there. >> washing all the ashes off for everybody, ash wednesday. secretary of state john kerry in paris this morning,
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earlier in the show we talked about the stock markets, the rally it had after the drop it took on monday. tell your friends the dow jones industrial averages best back-to-back months in the last 50 years are march and april. as for individual months, april has the best track record. okay. time to go around the cooler. we check in with lewis to find out about the problem heard around the world. >> it may be the most memorable moment from the oscars. the man at the center of it all is responding to the firestorm that followed. >> there will always be a special place in my heart for the movie musical and the songs that create their most memorable moments. here to perform the oscar nominated gorgeously empowering song "let it go" from the oscar winning animated movie frozen please welcome the wickedly talented, one and only, adela
dazeem. >> adela dazeem. i don't know if that's right n a statement he says, quote, i've been beating myself up all day. then i thought what would idina menzel say ? she would say let it go. she was the main witch in wicked, the first one. travolta's flub was said in front of -- >> no one heard it. >> it's a fraction of that amount when we flub something up. >> i shouldn't judge. >> i caught up with him on the red carpet after the show and i didn't ask him about it. i felt too bad. >> you gave him a pass? that was nice of. >> you yeah, i thought it was pretty nice of me. it's also travolta. you don't want to embarrass a guy like that. reportedly, travolta hugged menzel and the host ellen degeneres pronounced her name correctly twice.
and that's good publicity for her new broadway show that opens up tonight. >> if you're a fan of theresa giudice or however you pronounce it, here is a refresher. >> it's just not name change and arrested. there has to be something else. oh, you're stripping? >> i was arrested. >> prostitution whore? you were [ bleep ] 19 times? you stupid [ bleep ]. you [ bleep ]. >> wow! >> played this clip just for our director, tj. now if you can believe it theresa and her husband, joe, are facing possible prison time to pleading guilty to mortgage and bankruptcy fraud charges yesterday in a new york court. while seeking nearly $5 million in loans.
facing up to five years in prison and theresa could serve up to 27 months. >> you know kim d. and danielle are all around their new jersey -- >> they're loving it. now the aftershocks of jimmy kimmel's interview with rob ford are continuing to reverberate and kimmel is loving every second of it. >> after the show rob was surprised i guess. he left right way, mad. maybe he watched it again or thought it out on the flight but he reflected on the experience this morning at toronto city hall. >> jimmy kimmel make a fool out of you? >> no, i don't think so at all. i'm getting a lot of support. was it a tough interview? sure, it was, but he has a job to do. that's his job. i haven't seen one of his shows that he doesn't take shots at people. i knew i was going into a lion's den and, you know, i held my own. i got my message out that i've saved taxpayers money, all my achievements. i wish i had more time to
promote toronto. but, you know what? that's what happens. i like jimmy and i love the people in l.a. >> and we love you, too. in fact, we might even be in love with you, mayor ford. >> that's too good. now, live television, thomas, can be a risky endeavor, as we both know. reporters sometimes aren't aware if they're on air when they're in front of the camera. take a look. >> washington. we'll get a look at how that will affect your morning. >> i would be happy, man. rangers, to me, are a sinking ship. >> we'll check back in with tom in just a little bit. meantime, that rain is definite definitely big trouble for drivers on the commute. >> check out tom lewinsky when he realizes he's on air. it's priceless. >> there by the grace of god go us, lewis. >> i know. i feel bad for tom. >> it's not for the resume tape. >> thanks so much, buddy.
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best captions for our brett favre picture. >> "morning joe stoort -- starting right now." ♪ ♪ >> obama needs to immediately do something manly. maybe a one-arm pushup or carve a canoe or something. how about invade iraq.